The information provided on this site has been derived from a wide range of sources, predominantly official histories, regimental histories, operational records of units and soldiers service records.

The compilation and any errors it contains are mine.

Over the years many groups and individuals have kindly contributed information, not least the many regular users of the Great War Forum. Where information provided is substantial and the result of original research the contributor is often named on the appropriate page: I apologise to any contributor whose name I have not included or have even forgotten. My thanks go to all of who have contributed or who have pointed out spelling or other errors to me.

Chris Baker

Principal sources

The Long, Long Trail has been developed from numerous sources. It is not possible, without creating complexity, to cite sources used on each page of the site and the site does not set out to be an academic work. If you are interested in any page and wish to know sources, please contact me. Published sources widely used in the compilation of the site include:

  • The British Official History of the War, Military Operations (multiple volumes)
  • British regiments by Brig. E. A. James (London: Sampson Books, 1978)
  • Order of battle of Divisions compiled by Major A. F.Becke (multiple volumes)
  • A record of the battles and engagements of the British Armies in France and Flanders by Capt. E. A. James (Aldershot: Gale & Polden Ltd, 1920)

Copies of all of these source works plus a great deal more are available from Naval & Military Press Link

Naval & Military Press


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