XLIV (Howitzer) Brigade

This was a unit of Britain's pre-war regular army. It is also sometimes shown as 44 Brigade RFA.


  • This brigade was originally comprised of numbers 47, 56 and 60 (Howitzer) Batteries RFA and the Brigade Ammunition Column. It was placed under command of the 2nd Division and went to France with it in August 1914.
    • 60 (Howitzer) Battery moved to 3rd (Lahore) Division on 23 June 1915.
  • The remainder of the brigade was broken up on 26 May 1915, with the pbatteries going to other brigades within the same 2nd Division.
  • A new 44 Brigade was then formed in England, comprising numbers 340, 382 and 399 Batteries. It landed at Alexandria in Egypt on 27 May 1917 and proceeded to Sidi Bishr.
    • 399 Battery was then broken up and sections went to each of the other two batteries, whereupon they were retitled as A/44 and B/44 Batteries.
  • The brigade came under orders of 74th (Yeomanry) Division at Rafa on 3 July 1917.
  • Between 11 and 17 April 1918 the brigade was reorganised while at Sarafand. The batteries once again resumed their old numerical titles; what had been A Battery of 268 Brigade joined and took up its old title of 425 Battery; and C (Howitzer) battery joined from 268 Brigade and became this brigade's D Battery.

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