With the development of exceptionally good search engines it is easy to find websites. The frequent coming and going of websites, particularly those built by hobbyists and often hosted on free spaces, means that it has become quite impractical to maintain a list of links on a site like this. So I took a decision no longer to try to do so, but to showcase websites that I use frequently and find valuable, accurate and inspiring.


The National Archives

The National Archives

Britain's repository of public information and the prime source for documentary evidence of the war and the men and women who took part in it. > The National Archives Link

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

An admirable organisation, the CWGC is responsible for the construction, care and maintenance of British military cemeteries and memorials to the missing. A website full of useful information and the invaluable "debt of Honour" regsiter of those who died. > Commonwealth War Graves Commission Link

The London Gazette

Gazettes Online

The official newspaper of Parliament, the Gazette published the despatches of the Commanders-in-Chief, listed officers promotions and appointments, gallantry awards and much else that is useful to the WW1 researcher. Beware: the search engine can be tricky - try variants of spellings. > The London Gazette Link

The Birmingham Centre for First World War Studies

Centre for First World War Studies

The brainchild of Dr John Bourne at the University of Birmingham, the Centre has attracted a large number of today's leading academic (and in some cases - like me - not so academic) historians to teach, exchange ideas and develop our understanding of the war > Centre for First World war Studies Link

The UK National Inventory of War Memorials

Inventory of War Memorials

The website of an ambitious project to record all the hundfreds of thousands of war memorials in the United Kingdom. Includes a search facility but of memorials, not individual names > UK National Inventory of War Memorials Link

Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour

An even more ambitious project to record all the names on the war memorials. An extraordinary effort by a volunteer team, with coverage increasing daily > Roll of Honour Link

Great War Forum

Roll of Honour

The premier online discussion site, focused as the name suggests on WW1. Join thousands in seeking help and exchanging views > Great War Forum Link



I couldn't really miss this one out as it is my own research service > fourteeneighteen|research Link

Other sites I find useful and admirable
Imperial War Museum Link
Australian War Memorial Link
Library and archives Canada Link
Trenches on the web Link
Hellfire Corner Link
The old front line Link
Aftermath Link
For the King-Emperor Link

And finally here is a group that does collect WW1 website links, and brilliantly too:
CEF Study Group Link


The Long, Long Trail will give you the basic facts of a soldier's service, the fighting record of a unit or an account of a battle. But for detail you will inevitably need books. I buy virtually all of mine from Naval & Military Press Link