Irish Guards

1st Battalion
August 1914 : in Aldershot. Part of 4th (Guards) Brigade, 2nd Division.
13 August 1914: landed at Le Havre.
20 August 1915 : transferred to 1st Guards Brigade, Guards Division.

2nd Battalion
18 July 1915: formed at Warley Barracks in Essex.
17 August 1915 : landed at le Havre and came under orders of 2nd Guards Brigade, Guards Division.
8 February 1918: transferred to 4th Guards Brigade, 31st Division.
20 May 1918 : transferred to GHQ Reserve.

3rd (Reserve) Battalion
Formed at Warley Barracks during August 1914. Redesignated as 3rd (Reserve) Bn in July 1915.