The Hertfordshire Regiment

Battalions of the Territorial Force

All units formed by this regiment were of the TF

1/1st Battalion
August 1914 : in Hertford. Part of East Midland Brigade in East Anglian Division.
Moved on mobilisation to Bury St Edmunds.
6 November 1914 : left the Division and landed in France. Came under command of 4th (Guards) Brigade in 2nd Division.
19 August 1915 : transferred to 6th Brigade in same Division.
29 February 1916 : transferred to 118th Brigade in 39th Division at Renescure.
8 February 1918 : transferred to 116th Brigade in same Division.
11 May 1918 : transferred to 112th Brigade in 37th Division.
22 May 1918 : absorbed more than 600 men from 6th Bedfordshire Regiment.

After their period of service with the prestigious 4th (Guards) Brigade, the battalion was often known as the Hertfordshire Guards.

2/1st Battalion
Formed at Hertford in September 1914 as a second line battalion.
January 1915 : moved to Newmarket and came under orders of 207th Brigade in 69th Division.
June 1916 : moved to Harrogate, then on to Darlington in October 1916 and Carburton in April 1917.
20 September 1917 : disbanded.

3/1st Battalion
Formed at Hertford in December 1914. Moved to Halton Park by October 1915.
8 April 1916 : became 1st Reserve Bn.
11 July 1917 : amalgamated with 5th Reserve Bn, the Bedfordshire Regiment.

4/1st Battalion
Formed by 2/1st Bn at Thetford in November 1915. Moved to join 206th Brigade in 69th Division. Moved in July 1916 to Harrogate, then Welbeck in April 1917.
August 1917 : disbanded.