The Essex Yeomanry


August 1914 : in Colchester. Part of the Eastern Mounted Brigade in Mounted Division.
November 1914 : left the Brigade and moved independently to France, where it joined the 8th Cavalry Brigade in 3rd Cavalry Division.
March 1918 : a plan to convert the Regiment to a Cyclist unit was dropped in favour of making it into a machine-gun battalion, together with troops from the Bedfordshire Yeomanry. However within days this plan was also dropped and the regiment remounted and joined the 1st Cavalry Division.
April 1918 : Regiment split up, with one Squadron going to each other Regiment of the 1st Cavalry Division.


Formed in September 1914 as a Second-Line unit and remained in UK until in September 1917, when converted into a Cyclist unit. Moved to Ireland in early 1918.


Formed as a Third-Line training unit in 1915.
Remained in United Kingdom until disbanded in early 1917.