The Bedfordshire Yeomanry


August 1914 : in Bedford. Part of the Eastern Mounted Brigade.
June 1915 : moved to France and came under orders of 9th Cavalry Brigade in 1st Cavalry Division.
March 1918 : left Brigade, became a Cyclist unit, then a machine-gun battalion with the Essex Yeomanry. Remounted and returned briefly to 1st Cavalry Division. Split up, one squadron going to each of the 8th, 15th and 19th Hussars.


Formed as a Second-Line regiment in September 1914 and remained at home throughout the war.
October 1915 : came under orders of 61st (South Midland) Division. Left Division February 1916.
June 1916 : transferred to 16th Mounted Brigade in 4th Mounted Division. For a period late 1916-March 1917, the Squadrons were split up and attached to other units (A to 57th Division; B to 66th; C to 68th).
March 1917 : attached to 1st Mounted Division (C Squadron attached to 71st Division).
July 1917 : absorbed into 1st Reserve Cavalry Regiment.


Formed as a Third-Line training unit in 1915.
Remained in United Kingdom until July 1917, when absorbed into 1st Reserve Cavalry Regiment.