The Battles of La Bassee, Messines and Armentieres

10 October - 2 November 1914

Elements of the British Expeditionary Force which took part in these engagements:

The Battle of La Bassee, 10 October -2 November 1914

2nd Cavalry Brigade (of Cavalry Division)
II Corps: (Smith-Dorrien): 3rd and 5th Divisions
Indian Corps: (Willcocks): Lahore Division (less Sirhind Brigade), Meerut Division and Secunderabad Cavalry Brigade

The Battle of Messines, 12 October - 2 November 1914

Cavalry Corps (Allenby): 1st and 2nd Cavalry Divisions
Ferozepore Brigade (of Lahore Division)
1st Northumberland Fusiliers and 1st Lincolnshire regiemnt (of 3rd Division)
2nd essex Regiment and 2nd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (of 4th Division)
2nd King's Own Scottish Borders and 2nd King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (of 5th Division)
Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars
14th London Regiment (London Scottish)

The Battle of Armentieres, 13 October - 2 November 1914

II Corps (Smith-Dorrien): 4th and 6th Divisions
3rd Worcestershire regiment (of 3rd Division)
1st Dorsetshire regiment (of 5th Division).

This battle included the tactical incident
> the capture of Meteren by 4th Division