The Royal Artillery depots, training units and home defences

There were three roles for home-based units of the Royal Artillery:

1. As depot or training units;

2. For providing mobile artillery forces for use in the event of enemy attack (or, as proved to be the case in Ireland in 1916, for use against insurrection);

3. For providing static artillery forces to defend key ports and coastal installations.

The listing below is the establishment of the home-based artillery units as at November 1918, with the exception of anti-aircraft units.

Royal Horse Artillery
Depot Woolwich
HAC Depot Finsbury
Riding Establishment Woolwich
A Instruction Battery Shoeburyness
B Instruction Battery Larkhill
X Reserve Brigade consisting of P, R and AA Batteries. Woolwich
8th Reserve Brigade TF consisting of K and L Batteries. Bulford
HAC Reserve Battery Leeds
RHA School of Instruction Woolwich
Royal Field Artillery
No 1 Depot Newcastle upon Tyne
No 2 Depot Preston
No 3 Depot Hilsea
No 4 Depot Woolwich
No 5 Depot Athlone
No 6 Depot Glasgow
1A Reserve Brigade consisting of 1, 2 and 3 Batteries. Newcastle upon Tyne
1B Reserve Brigade consisting of 4, 5 and 6 Batteries. Forest Row
2A Reserve Brigade consisting of 7, 8 and 9 Batteries. Preston
2B Reserve Brigade consisting of 10, 11 and 12 Batteries. Appears to have been at Brighton. Was converted into No 4 RFA Officer Cadet School in Feb 1917
2C Reserve Brigade consisting of 40, 41 and 42 Batteries. Catterick
3A Reserve Brigade consisting of 13, 14 and 15 Batteries. Larkhill
3B Reserve Brigade consisting of 16, 17 and 18 Batteries. At Topsham Barracks in Exeter. Was converted into No 2 RFA Officer Cadet School in Feb 1917
3C Reserve Brigade consisting of 43, 44 and 45 Batteries. Deepcut
4A Reserve Brigade consisting of 19, 21 and 56 Batteries. Woolwich
4B Reserve Brigade consisting of 22, 23 and 24 Batteries. Boyton
5A Reserve Brigade consisting of 25, 26 and 27 Batteries. Athlone
5B Reserve Brigade consisting of 59, 60 and 61 Batteries. Edinburgh
5C Reserve Brigade consisting of 49, 50 and 51 Batteries. Charlton Park
6C Reserve Brigade consisting of 52, 146 and 147 Batteries. Glasgow
(possibly Maryhill Barracks)
31st Reserve Battery remount training unit. Glasgow
37th Reserve Battery remount training unit. Northampton
40th Reserve Battery remount training unit. Bulford
62nd Reserve Battery remount training unit. Ripon
63rd Reserve Battery remount training unit. Bulford
Central Signalling Depot RFA Swanage
No 2 Reserve Brigade TF Bettesfield Park
No 4 Reserve Brigade TF High Wycombe
No 5 Reserve Brigade TF Catterick
No 6 Reserve Brigade TF Luton
No 7 Reserve Brigade TF Bordon
Independent Batteries 393 (Canterbury); 396 (Westbere); 397 (Dundalk); 398 (Kildare); 414 (Sandwich); 415 (Ramsgate); 416 (Holt); 417 (Yarmouth); 418 (Frinton); 419 (Leiston); 541 (Larkhill); 542 (Kildare); 544 (Worksop); 878 (Larkhill); 879 (Fermoy); 884 (KIldare); 886 (Fermoy); 1170 (Larkhill) and 1206 (North Walsham)
Joint Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery
Artillery Reception Brigade Officer training. Brighton
No 1 Officer Cadet School St John's Wood
No 1 Officer Cadet School Exeter 
No 3 Officer Cadet School Weedon
Signalling Training School Crowborough
Gunnery School Chapperton Down, Larkhill
Royal Garrison Artillery
No 1 Depot (Heavy and Siege) Derby
No 2 Depot (Heavy and Siege) Gosport
No 3 Depot (Heavy and Siege) Plymouth
No 4 Depot (Heavy and Siege) Ripon
A Depot Siege Artillery Catterick
No 1 Reserve Brigade (Siege) Shoreham
No 2 Reserve Brigade (Siege) Catterick
No 3 Reserve Brigade (Siege) Prees Heath
No 4 Reserve Brigade (Siege) Aldershot
No 1 Reserve Brigade (Heavy) Winchester
No 2 Reserve Brigade (Heavy) Winchester
No 5 (C) Mountain Reserve Battery Catterick
No 1 Officer Cadet School Trowbridge
No 2 Officer Cadet School Maresfield Park
No 3 Officer Cadet School Bournemouth
No 4 Officer Cadet School Weymouth 
Siege Artillery School Lydd
Siege Artillery School Horsham
Siege Artillery School Aldershot
Siege Instructional Battery Chapperton Down, Larkhill
Heavy Artillery Training Centre Winchester
Independent Siege Batteries 472 (Lavington); 529 (Barrow); 519, 530, 536, 537, 539, 540, 541 (all Lydd)
Independent Heavy Batteries 2/1st Highland (Sheringham); 2/1st Lancashire (Ramsgate); 2/1st Welsh (Blythchurch); 2/1st Northumbrian (Filey); 2/1st West Riding (Blyth); 2/1st South Midland (Ramsgate); 2/1st East Anglian (Lowestoft); 2/1st Home Counties (Mundesley); 2/1st London (Colchester) and 2/2nd London (Hollesley)
Royal Garrison Artillery Coastal
No 1 Depot (Coastal) Newhaven
No 2 Depot (Coastal) Gosport
No 3 Depot (Coastal) Plymouth
No 4 Depot (Coastal) Great Yarmouth
No 1 Coastal Fire Command Falmouth
No 2 Coastal Fire Command Plymouth
No 3 Coastal Fire Command Drakes Island
No 4 Coastal Fire Command Wembury
No 5 Coastal Fire Command Portland
No 6 Coastal Fire Command Needles
No 7 Coastal Fire Command Culver
No 8 Coastal Fire Command Horsesand Forst
No 9 Coastal Fire Command Portsmouth
No 10 Coastal Fire Command Newhaven
No 11 Coastal Fire Command Dover
No 12 Coastal Fire Command Sheerness
No 13 Coastal Fire Command Grain Port
No 14 Coastal Fire Command Languard
No 15 Coastal Fire Command Spurn Head
No 16 Coastal Fire Command Hull
No 17 Coastal Fire Command Hartlepool
No 18 Coastal Fire Command Tynemouth
No 19 Coastal Fire Command Inchkeith
No 20 Coastal Fire Command Inchcolm
No 21 Coastal Fire Command Carlingnose
No 22 Coastal Fire Command Broughty Ferry
No 23 Coastal Fire Command Gourock
No 24 Coastal Fire Command Liverpool
No 25 Coastal Fire Command Milford Haven
No 26 Coastal Fire Command Cardiff
No 31 Coastal Fire Command Berehaven
No 32 Coastal Fire Command Templebreedy
No 34 Coastal Fire Command Carrickfergus
No 35 Coastal Fire Command Lough Swilly
No 36 Coastal Fire Command Channel Islands
Other home defence units
The Divisional artillery of: 64, 65, 67, 68 and 69 Divisions.

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Recruits engaged in Physical Training (Swedish Drill) at a Royal Artillery training camp in England. Image HU102285 courtesy of the Imperial War Museum, with my thanks.


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