Soldiers of WW1

Are you a family historian, trying to find what happened to a relative in 1914-1918? Or perhaps you are researching a local war memorial or the men of a particular unit? Start at our pages on how to research a soldier

The British Army

Regiments, units and order of battle
Are you a military historian, trying to find what happened to a unit or formation in 1914-1918? Or perhaps you are researching a battle or a technical aspect of the army of 1914-1918? Perhaps you want to understand what the trenches were like or how men were enlisted? You'll find it all here

Battles and engagements

The British Army fought in numerous theatres of war during WW1, and in each a number of battles and engagements too place. Find out what and when, who took part and what happened in this section of the Long, Long Trail

The battlefields

Where were the battlefields of the Great War? What are they like today? What is the best way of visiting them? The best place to start is Our battlefields section

Latest articles and additions

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Meet the author

ChrisThe Long, Long Trail is owned, designed, built and written by Chris Baker. He is a freelance military historian and battlefield guide, former Chairman of the Western Front Association and founder of the Great War Forum. Read more here

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